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Remember, bets on any individual number are paid at 35-1 and red / black or even / odd at 1-1. Make game!


In European or Classic Roulette it is about predicting where the ball is going to stop after putting the dealer to spin the wheel.


You start by determining your bet. To do this you must click on the card with the value you want to bet.

The mouse pointer will tell you the type of bet according to the area where you spend it.

You will also see the prize, the maximum and minimum limit and the amount you have wagered (this depends on your VIP level).

You do not have to limit yourself to a choice, you can increase or decrease your bets and simultaneously place several chips in different betting areas.

In the “room” there is a clock presiding everything that will warn you of the time available to finish making your bets.

Once you are clear, click Confirm Bets and start playing. You will also be able to give it to Rotate since in some games there will be no clock and you will activate the game when you have your bets.

Clear Bets remove the chips from the table, in case you change your mind. On the other hand, Double doubles the ones you have placed.

Refueling allows you to repeat the same bet as in the last turn without further work and Bet again and Rotate as well.

Winning bets remain on the table: You can withdraw them or leave them on the table for the next round if you are on a roll.

You can make groups of Favorite Bets and save them for later use more quickly.

More bets is the button that allows multiple bets with a single click, while Final bets lets you place a bet on a number of your choice (for example, 3) and any number that ends with the digit clicked (for example , the 13th).

Complete and complete half let you place bets in which the same number is included.

In this European or classic roulette table there are two parts: the wheel and the distribution of the roulette wheel.

Being European type there is only one zero and the numbers go from 1 to 36 in red and black alternately plus zero which is green.

Color and Direction are buttons that act on the roulette itself, allowing changes in its appearance or in the direction of the turn.

The Race Track is an extension of the roulette distribution that allows you to place the following announced bets: Tier (third of the cylinder), Orphelins (orphans) and Voisins du Zero (neighbors of the zero).